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grants & Awards

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation reviews applications and provides grants and awards to support work of Canadian home economists in home economics research, education and public service projects, as well as post-secondary professional education and training. Learn more about each type of grant funding or award below.


In addition to several specially designated funds, donations to this major fund support a variety of projects in home economics research, education and public service.



Held separately from the General Fund, our designed funds were initiated by associations or individuals to pay tribute to a home economist, or to support a specific project area.


how to apply

If you're interested in applying for a grant or award, please review the application process and resources for the individual grant, award, etc. found on the pages of this website.



Dr. Lila Engberg passed away, peacefully, on September 23, 2020 in Fergus, Ontario.

Dr. Engberg retired from the Department of Family Studies, University of Guelph. She became interested in justice issues in international development, particularly for women and families. She had three assignments in Africa: 1963-1968 in Malawi with the Nutrition Division of FAO, United Nations; 1970-1975 with the University of Ghana/Guelph partnership as acting head of the Home Science Department, University of Ghana, and 1982-1985 with University of Malawi/Mount St. Vincent University Home Economics partnership.

In 2006, Dr. Engberg, along with Dr. Jean Fewster, initiated the International Development Fund (Engberg-Fewster Award) with the Canadian Home Economics Foundation which supports projects by Canadian home economists/human ecologists in the developing world.

To continue to support this work that was so important to Dr. Engberg, please consider a donation to the International Development Fund (Engberg-Fewster Award).


Resource for Youth

Patricia J. Hames Award

Supports projects directed to developing life skills in Canadian youth through the retention and strengthening of home economics/human ecology programs in Canadian schools

Deadline: May 21


Family finance (DR. Edith Rowles Simpson) Award

Annual award for professional updating in family finance

Deadline: June 30


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