Designated funds may be established within the Canadian Home Economics Foundation in order to:

  • promote dissemination of home economics information to the public
  • promote and sponsor research in areas of expertise of Home Economists
  • sponsor projects aimed at developing improved educational tools and methodology for dissemination of life skills information
  • provide scholarships, bursaries, and awards to undergraduate and graduate students in obtaining degrees or professional certificates related to the home economics profession

Such designated funds may fall with-in the following areas:

  1. to honour Home Economists who have left a bequest,
  2. to honour Home Economists whose colleagues, family, friends and associates wish to recognize
  3. to encourage research, activities and/or projects within an identified area of need

Financial Requirements

The establishment of a separate fund must be able to sustain itself if the intent is to provide grants for many years. In order to be sustainable the fund needs to grow to a minimum of $20,000.00 before grants are disbursed. In the case of smaller amounts, grants may be awarded until the fund is depleted.

Responsibility of Local Committee

A local committee is usually formed in the province that establishes the designated fund. Responsibilities include:

  • conduct local fundraising
  • develop objectives to be met by the fund
  • receive and review requests for grants
  • provide recommendation for grant recipient/s for approval to the Foundation executive trustees
  • provide project updates as requested and an annual report by April 30 each year

Role of Foundation Executive Trustees

  • approve grant recipients upon recommendation of local committee
  • issue payment to grant recipients
  • include project in general fundraising/promotional materials when ever possible

The Canadian Home Economics Foundation is always interested in establishing designated funds and welcomes inquiries.

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