The overall objective of the fund is to further work in consumer studies and/or family resource management that will enhance quality of life. The fund is used to support and encourage research or innovative educational and public service projects that in line with the objective of the fund. In the first instance, priority will be given to funding research projects.

This award is offered annually by the Canadian Home Economics Foundation in memory of the life-long commitment of Margaret Speechly Stansfield to the field of consumer studies and family resource management. This award is made possible through interest earned on funds contributed to the Foundation following her death in 1990 by Leslie and Agnes Speechly and enhanced by a major donation from the Canadian Standards Association in appreciation for volunteer work done by CAC Manitoba member Margaret Soper.


Up to $4000 may be awarded annually and may be used for human or material resources needed to complete the proposed project. More than one award of lesser value may be granted.


Applicants may be professors, graduate students, or other accredited professionals with a commitment to consumer studies and/or family resource management. Consideration will be given to one renewal of the award, based on the final report and on evidence presented for continuation of the project. A Home Economist or home economics/human ecology professional must be associated with the project.


Deadline for receipt of applications is September 30; a decision will be made by October 30. The award monies will be available November 1 of the year awarded until October 31 of the following year and unspent grants funds will lapse on November 1.

Application Procedure

Submit the General Grant Application Form electronically as an email attachment to An advisory committee chaired by the Project Coordinator (or designate) will be established to recommend potential recipient(s) to the Executive Committee of the CHEF.

Progress Report

A final report is due at the end of the award period.


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