All donations of $20.00 or more receive a tax receipt, a copy of our annual report of activities, invitations to the CHE Foundation Annual Meeting and other functions, and information about grants and awards that may be of interest. All donors are recognized in our Annual Report for the fiscal year in which your donation is received.

Categories of Special Recognition

Individuals or groups who make donations at specific levels are recognized further at our Annual Meeting. Recognition is generally given on a fiscal year basis [May 1 to April 30].

Benefactor/Bienfaitrices: $10,000 cumulative

Friends/Amies: $5,000 or more in one year

Patrons*/Patrons: $1,000 or more in one year

Chain Club Members: $500 or more in one year

Benefactors /Bienfaitrices: $10,000 cumulative

Dr. Ruth E. Berry                                                                         Donna L. Bulow                         *T.D. Roberts &*Beverley M. Caldwell

Canadian Home Economics Association                              *Dr. Lila E. Engberg                     *Dr. W. Jean Fewster                 

Dr. Patricia J. Hames (Estate)                                                    *Lois M. Hurst                              *June & Bob Jackson                     

Verna M. Lefebvre (Estate)                                                        Joanne E. Mackie (Estate)         *Lillian McConnell                      

Ruth E. McDonald                                                                       Dr. Margaret I. Morton               Shirley E. Myers (Estate)                         

Nova Scotia Home Economics  Association                            Rosemary Oddie                         C. Grace Porterfield

Quebec Home Economics Association                                    Ruth Irene Shaver (Estate)       *Agnes & *Leslie B. Speechly  

V. Gayleen Turner     

Friends/Amies:  $5,000 or more in one year

Manitoba Association of Home Economists - Winnipeg      Isabelle E. Morrison (Estate)    *Vera Ames Widder & Edith Anne Widder

Dr. Wanda E. Young (Estate)

Patrons/Patrons: $1,000 or more in one year

Elaine Adam                                                                                Alberta Home Economics Association - Edmonton

Apparel Studies Association of Canada                                 Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists

Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists - Regina  Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists - Saskatoon

*Harold & *Vera Bailey                                                             Barbara A. Bowen                         Joan C. Butcher

Canadian Standards Association                                           *M. Lois Clipsham                          D. Kieran, D. Badir, E. Vaines (PIPHE) 

Edith H. Cousens (Estate)                                                         Haroldine C. Crerar                      The Honorable Elizabeth V. Dowdeswell

Tracey L. Drabyk-Zirk                                                               *Anna P. Ewen                              * Dr. Elizabeth Feniak, CM

*Faye Forbes Anderson                                                             Jane Forest                                    Gertrude J. Gerlach (Estate)

Arlene E. Harris                                                                           Dr. Carol D.H. Harvey                * Rose Jardine

April Katz                                                                                      Anne Lindsay, CM                      * A. Berneice McFarlane

Manitoba Association of Home Economists - Central                                                                 *Dr. Margaret McCready, CM        

Dr. Marilyn E. McDowell, The Marilyn McDowell Fund       *Merle L. McGowan                       Dr. E. Jane McKay Nesbitt

*Maureen G. McLean                                                                Grant Mitchell, Q.C.                     *Dr. Mary Morley

*Nadia Negrich                                                                         *Helen R. Neilson                    

Nova Scotia Home Economics International Development Committee                                  *Emmie Oddie, CM, SOM

Will Oddie                                                                                    Ontario Home Economics Association

Ontario Home Economists in Business Association             Helen M.L. Patton (Estate)        *Martha E. Pearse

Prince Edward Island Home Economics Association          *Marion N. Penhale                       Dr. Linda B. Peterat

G.L. (Wendy) Sanford                                                                 Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission

Saskatchewan Home Economics Teachers Association     *Dr. Edith C. Simpson, CM            Isabelle Southam

M. Joyce Temple                                                                        *Dr. Anna C. Templeton                Peggy Tyrchniewicz      

Audrey M. Warner                                                                       Gail E. Watson                             *Dr. Shirley M. Weber

Katherine E. Webster                                                                *Edith L. Wilcock                             The Winnipeg Foundation



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