Regina Home Economics for Living Project (Regina HELP) provided educational programs to individuals and groups in the home economics areas of healthy eating and household management. After 25 years, Regina HELP closed and voted to establish a fund through the Canadian Home Economics Foundation with the remaining funds.

The goal of the award is to support locally identified community-based projects aimed at significantly improving the well-being and health of women, children and families. Grants totaling $8000.00 will be awarded for 2019-2020. More than one award of lesser value may be awarded. Funds are administered by the Canadian Home Economics Foundation.


  1. The project is to be related to healthy eating, food preparation and shopping skills and/or family finance.
  2. Projects should include at-risk individuals or families. At-risk will be defined as low income, low literacy or limited education. Projects for at-risk clients will be given a higher priority.
  3. At least one individual delivering the project must be a resident of Saskatchewan and have a background in: Home Economics, Dietetics, Home Economics Teaching, Family Studies or Other Professions in a Home Economics Field.
  4. Projects may include resource development or adaptation of a resource to be used in the delivery of the project.
  5. This Award is open to individuals and/or organizations in the province of Saskatchewan.
  6. Community Based Organization Applicants to the Regina HELP Award Must:
     • Partner with an individual or group for project delivery that represents the Professional designations listed in #3 above.
     • Be located in Saskatchewan
  7. Individual Applicants to the Regina HELP Award Must:
     • Partner with a local community based organization for project delivery
     • Provide a letter of support from the partnering Organization (attach in email)
     • Reside in Saskatchewan

Project Examples

Include but are not limited to:

  • Summer nutrition camp for children or youth
  • Senior men’s cooking
  • Healthy food selection and preparation for young families
  • Budgeting for individuals or families
  • Feeding your pre-school child
  • Kitchen smarts for newcomers unfamiliar with western cooking
  • Shopping in a Canadian grocery store
  • Cooking for special dietary needs


The deadline for applications is November 30.


Applications will be reviewed by a local Saskatchewan committee, with recommendations provided to the Executive Committee of the Canadian Home Economics Foundation. Please use the General Application Form.


Submit the completed application electronically as an e-mail attachment in Word to the Regina HELP Award Committee at


  • Post Project Report Due Within 30 Days of Completion of Project
  • Copies of Original Receipts Must Be Submitted with Post Project Report
  • Any unused monies must be returned to the Regina HELP Award Fund
  • Projects must commence within 8 months of receiving successful notification

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