If you're interested in applying for a grant or award from the Canadian Home Economics Foundation, please review the application process for the individual grant, award, etc. found on the pages of this website.

Depending on the grant or award you're applying for the application process may vary slightly. For any application, please start the process with our CHEF-FCEF Grant and Award Application form (PDF document download). Be sure to pay special attention to the additional requirements found in the application form for your chosen grant or award.

When applying please be specific as this information is required under federal legislation. Applications will be considered only if all requested information is provided and legible. If you're unfamiliar with grant applications, we recommend reviewing our Terms of Reference documentation, which can be a informative resource as you work on your submission.

Should the grant or award you're applying for require submission of a budget with the application, you can review our resource Sample Budget for Grant Application. The sample budget can act as a guide and give you insight to some of the expenses you may want to be included with your application. It's also important to know the deadlines for any grant or award you want to apply for, as many have been updated in recent times.

If you have any further questions about the grant or award application process from CHEF-FCEF, please contact us.


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