The International Development (Engberg-Fewster) Award provides grants to support projects carried out in the developing world by Canadian home economists and professionals in related fields* (individuals, teams, or organizations). The award was initiated in 2006 by Dr. Lila Engberg and Dr. Jean Fewster, Ontario home economists with extensive experience working in developing countries.


Awards totaling up to $4,000 will be granted annually. More than one award of lesser value may be granted. The fund is not intended to support the travel of Canadians to international conferences or to assist Canadian home economists* in participating in the activities of the International Federation for Home Economics.


A home economist/human ecology/family studies professional MUST be associated with the project.

Project Examples

To support a Canadian home economist/human ecologist:

  • To make a link with a home economics/human ecology/family and consumer studies association in another country to exchange ideas which have strengthened their education or service program to disadvantaged women and families.
  • To take part in a seminar or conference and make a presentation here in Canada and in that country, billeting costs to be the responsibility of the host group. The cost of airfare will be subsidized.
  • To conduct an evaluation for projects (for example NGO projects) which have been completed and where there is a potential for future cooperation with international partners.
  • To match NGO or other partnership funding to allow a proposed project between international partners to proceed. These projects must involve home economists in their implementation.
  • To allow a home economist from a developing country, who is involved in a Canadian partnership project, to travel to Canada to work with a group of home economists to further their partnership. Only airfare will be subsidized; billeting costs will be the responsibility of the Canadian group.


Deadline is March 21: World Home Economics Day. The committee will consider requests for application extensions.

Application Procedure

Submit the General Grant Application Form electronically as an email attachment to


A report and original receipts will be due at the completion of the project; any unused funds must be returned.


Please contact


* - Graduates from a university program in home economics, human ecology, nutrition, family studies, consumer studies, and related areas.

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