Past Recipients


Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Extension of the Canadian/Kenyan partnership on Home Economics Education Project

Memorial University

Targeting Malnutrition and Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency in India


University of Guelph

“Happiness and Young Families: Connecting Research and Practice in Canada and Brazil Project” an initiative to promote healthy family dynamics and relationships by identifying and combating the deficits in services for at-risk families, especially in Brazil


Canadian/Kenyan Partnership for Home Economics Education Project

Assistance with support of home economics education in Kenyan schools in developing materials for new education reforms


Ryerson University

Dr. Huy's travel to Canada to Build Technical Capacity for Food Security in Vietnam through Knowledge Exchange

Yurac Yacu Enhanced Income Generating Project, Peru

To develop local leadership skills by women learning skills and techniques to pass knowledge onto others in the community. Also to develop income-generating projects for sale at kiosk and craft outlets


Yurac Yacu Sewing & Handicrafts Enhancement Project, Peru

For assisting women in the community to increase skills in sewing and handicrafts to generate income and provide facilities for the community to improve conditions of daily living


Mwanzo Mwema (‘Healthy Beginnings’) Project

For training link workers to implement ‘Scaling Up Nutrition’ interventions through community development and capacity-building

“Improving In The Quality Of Complementary Foods Through Home Fortification To Contribute To The Reduction Of Anaemia Among Cameroonian Children Aged 6-23 Months” Project


University of Prince Edward Island

Faculty Exchange between Kenyatta University and the University of Prince Edward Island


“Strengthening Capacity in a New Nutrition Program at Hawassa University: Experiential Service Learning” in Ethiopia, Africa


Causes of Malnutrition in Rural Kibungo, Rwanda


Relationships between household data and feeding practices on growth and anemia among young children from Cambodia


Train the trainer workshops for a nutrition intervention program for pregnant women in the Ivory Coast and its impact on the low-birth-weight infants


Creating opportunities for disadvantaged groups through curriculum development

Development of curriculum and related resource materials for outreach programs

The evaluation of the management of a newly created village pharmacy as a model for good governance in rural Burkina Faso


HIV and AIDS and Proper Nutrition

Food preservation project in Malawi. (This project was cancelled in June 2007 due to personnel changes in Malawi. Remaining funds were returned to the Foundation and used to award a second grant in 2007.)

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