The Family Finance (Dr. Edith Rowles Simpson) Award supports professional updating in the family finance area. The overall objective of the Edith Rowles Simpson Award is to support work in family finance that will help empower families to enhance their quality of life. The award is available to both individuals and to professional associations. It provides support to potential leaders in the field who will invest their knowledge and expertise in improving the quality of life for families.

Edith Rowles Simpson made a major contribution and a lifelong commitment to the well being of families and to the profession of Home Economics in Canada. The Dr. Edith Rowles Simpson Recognition Fund was established by the Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists (ASHE) to recognize Edith Rowles Simpson. It was made possible by donations from friends and colleagues of the late Saskatoon home economist.  The fund is administered by the Canadian Home Economics Foundation.


Individual applicants must be Canadian (or permanent resident) home economists with a commitment to work in the area of family financial services and who plan to pursue their careers in Canada.  Graduate students are eligible to apply; the committee would prefer applications for a specific project (e.g. attendance at a scholarly or professional conference related to family finance) rather than general applications to support graduate study.

Groups may be professional home economics associations, related professional groups, non-profit credit counselling groups and/or groups of professional home economists who are working together to plan an event or conduct a project.


For individuals, the amount of the award is up to $4,000. For groups, the committee may award more than $4,000, depending on the nature of the project. More than one award may be made as funds permit. Those applications deemed eligible but unable to be funded by this award in the current year may be referred to the Canadian Home Economics Foundation General Fund.


The committee will assess the applicant’s background and experience and the proposal in terms of the likelihood that the project will ultimately result in services and/or programs which will directly benefit families.

Examples of Proposals Which Have Been Funded

Continuing Education for Groups

  • Professional updating workshops in family financial services for home economics association branch members.
  • Financial Forums 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: meetings for financial counsellors and educators in Western Canada.
  • Training for staff and volunteers of an NGO which provides services to families.

Continuing Education for Individuals

  • Attendance at the annual conference of the Association for Financial Counselling &Planning Education (AFCPE).
  • Enrolment in courses to earn the Accredited Financial Counsellor (AFC) designation, and the Certified Financial Planners (CFP) designation.
  • Enrolment in certification training in such fields as conflict resolution, coaching, and family business.

Ideas for Proposals

Groups or professional associations could bring in a guest speaker or workshop resource person for an annual meeting, or other event.  Teachers, for example, could host an updating event focusing on methods and materials used in teaching family finance.  Groups could produce resource materials for use by home economists and members of the public.

Individuals could apply for funds to visit sites to learn how others are providing family financial services, or to serve a short “apprenticeship” at a centre.


Application deadline is June 30.

Application Procedure

Submit the completed General Application Form electronically as an email attachment to


Please contact


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