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Clover Lee, University of British Columbia
'Development of a High-Throughput Color Phenotyping Methodology for Raspberry Purée' (undergraduate)

Chloe Simmons, University of Alberta
'Gendered product, gendered system: a survey of intellectual property and craft'
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(graduate) JHEIA 28:1


Emma Jacobs, Memorial University of Newfoundland
'Organically grown hazards: Is organic produce actually safer?' (undergraduate) JHEIA 27:2

Jennifer Beaudette, University of Albert
'No small matter: Examining microplastic pollution originating from laundering' (graduate) JHEIA 27:2

Qiuyu (Julia) Chen, University of British Columbia

'Validating the Algorithm-Based Matching of Products in a Canadian-Branded Food and Beverage Database to their Canadian Nutrient File Equivalents using a Dietetics Lens' (undergraduate)

Elizabeth Soden, Ryerson University

'Adoption and Acceptance of Edible Insects in Westernized Cultures' (graduate) JHEIA 27:2


Mandana Tavanaei, McGill University

'Food purchasing patterns in Quebec Canada during the first wave of COVID-19 pandemic' (undergraduate) JHEIA 26:2

Tressa Alexiuk, University of Manitoba

'Food and nutrition security in Manitoba newcomer youth' (graduate) JHEIA 26:2


Catherine Littler, Mount Saint Vincent University

‘Not Your Mother's Meatballs: Edible Insects in Contemporary Western Societies’ (undergraduate) JHEIA 26:1

Madison Darragh, Ryerson University

‘The Health at Every Size Approach to Health: A Critical Review’ (graduate) JHEIA 26:1

Alyssa Ramuscak, Ryerson University

‘A Critical Review Exploring Taxation on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages as A Strategy to Address Obesity in Canada’ (graduate) JHEIA 26:1


Lauren Degenstein, University of Alberta

‘Biodegradable vs. Non-Biodegradable Textiles: Environmental Impacts Under Standard Landfill Conditions’ (undergraduate)

Leigh Merotto, Ryerson University

‘The environmental impact of open-net salmon farming: A critical review and recommendations for policy in Canadian aquaculture’ (graduate)


Kira Jewell, University of Guelph

‘Review of existing observational mealtime studies: Examining how parent feeding practices influence child eating behaviours and weight status’ (undergraduate)


Lindsay deBoer, University of Saskatchewan

‘High fructose corn syrup: Consumption and controversy’ (undergraduate)

Emily Kichler, Brescia University College

‘The review of food skills in university students and intervention strategies’ (graduate)


Rebecca Horne, University of Alberta

‘The Framing of Child Care in Canada: Social Investment Versus Feminist Perspectives’ (undergraduate)

Olena Kloss, University of Manitoba

‘Does thiamin play a critical role during fetal brain development with alcohol exposure?’ (graduate)

Sarah Kathleen McIntosh, University of British Columbia

‘Sustainability and home economics/human ecology: Pairing Eleanor Vaines with alternative views of education for sustainable development' (graduate)


Stephanie Savoie, University of Guelph

‘The Role of Green Tea in Energy Expenditure and Body Composition’ (undergraduate)

Karlee Dyck and Heather Giesbrecht, University of Manitoba

‘Nutritional Status of Indigenous Women’ (graduate)


Rebecca Hack, University of Guelph

‘Infant feeding in the context of HIV: A Review of Current Research towards Supporting Breastfeeding In Resource-Poor Settings’ (undergraduate)

Sarah Montgomery, Mount Saint Vincent University

‘The role of S-adenosylymethionine (SAM) in improving cognitive performance in patients with Alzheimer’s disease’ (undergraduate)

Leslie Rech, University of Manitoba

‘Polymorphisms in the Zinc Solute Transporter 8 (SLC30A8) are Linked to Diabetes” (graduate)


Anna Kouptsova, University of Guelph

‘Metabolically Healthy Obesity: Prevalence and Features’ (undergraduate)

No graduate award given.


Stephanie Varriano, Brescia College, University of Western Ontario

‘The effects of incorporating sweet potato and peanut flours on the sensory properties of probiotic yogurt in Mwanza, Tanzania’ (cundergraduate)

Emily Quenneville, Brescia College, University of Western Ontario

‘Use of a Diet in FODMAPS for the Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ (graduate)


Jennifer Frohlich and Jessica Leal, University of Alberta

‘Flavonoid intake of adult Albertans with type 2 diabetes estimated using 3-day food recalls; part of the PANDA study’ (undergraduate)

Dana Olstad, University of Alberta

‘Should Marketing of Unhealthy Foods and Beverages to Children be Regulated?’ (graduate)

Rgia Othman, University of Manitoba

‘Can Oat b-glucan, a soluble fibre, Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels?' (graduate)


Corinne Ludwig, University of Alberta

‘The Little Black Dress' (undergraduate)

Adrienne Danyliw, Univesity of Saskatchewan

‘Is Juice a Healthy Beverage for Preschoolers? A Canadian Perspective’ (graduate)


Roseanne Robinson, University of Guelph

‘A Cranberry Product a Day May Help Keep the Unfriendly Bacteria Away’ (undergraduate)

Chibuike Udenigwe, University of Manitoba

‘Resveratrol, a Polyphenolic Stilbene Component of Red Wines and Peanuts – Potential in Anticancer and Anti-inflammatory Therapy’ (graduate)


Ashley Carroll, Memorial University

‘The Effectiveness of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Maintaining Remission in Crohn’s Patients’ (undergraduate)

Leanne Chirkoff, Acadia University

‘Iron Deficiency Cognitive Function and Treatment Strategies in Infants of Developing Countries’ (undergraduate)

Maria James, University of Manitoba

‘The Influence of Family Structure on the Time Men Spend for Household Chores and Childcare’ (graduate)

Chris Marinangeli, University of Manitoba

‘Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness; Can Ascorbic Acid Help?’ (graduate)


Rebekah Lord, Acadia University/Memorial University of Newfoundland

‘Nutritional and Medical Management of Phenylketonuria and Its Implications on Childhood Nutritional Status, Growth and Development’ (undergraduate)

Jennifer Pope, Acadia University/Memorial University of Newfoundland

‘Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Crohn's Disease’ (undergraduate)

Michelle Boudreau, Mount Saint Vincent University

‘An Exploration of Intimate Partner Violence against Older Women’ (graduate)


Melanie Auger, University of Alberta

‘Product Development and Sensory Evaluation of Cookies Made with Barley Protein’ (undergraduate)

Stephanie Wheler, University of Saskatchewan

‘How Children’s and Adolescents’ Soft Drink Consumption is Affecting Their Health: A Look at Building Peak Bone Mass and Preventing Osteoporosis’ (undergraduate)

Heather Hosea, University of Manitoba

‘Exploring the Mechanisms Behind S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis’ (graduate)

Jennifer Lambert, University of Alberta

‘Trans Fatty Acids and Health - What is the Evidence?’ (graduate)


Michelle Boudreau, Mount Saint Vincent University

‘Homelessness and Violence Against Women: Exploring the Connection’ (undergraduate)

Shannan M. Grant, St. Francis Xavier University

‘The Importance of Biodiversity in Crop Sustainability: A Look at Monoculture’ (undergraduate)

Caroline M. Cheng, University of Toronto

‘Osteoporosis: An Overview of Community Nutrition Initiatives’ (graduate)


Jennifer Bedford, Acadia University

‘Women’s Body Image: The Influence of Aging, Societal Pressure and Concern for Appropriateness’ (undergraduate)

Monique Harmon, University of Prince Edward Island

‘Can Dietary Polyphenols Play a Role in Cardiovascular Disease Prevention?’ (undergraduate)

Rhonda Breitkreuz, University of Alberta

‘Developing an Ecology of Poverty: Benefits and Challenges’ (graduate)


Erika Brown, University of Alberta

‘Consumer Representation in International Standardization’ (undergraduate)

Kelly Andrushko, University of Manitoba

‘Are We There Yet? The Quest for Gender Equity in Family Analysis’ (graduate)


Chris Watters, St. Francis Xavier University

‘Dietary Protein: Higher Intakes Needed for Athletes Building Lean Body Mass’ (undergraduate)


Mark Spidel, University of Prince Edward Island

‘Is There a Link between Tea Consumption and Cardiovascular Disease?’ (undergraduate)


Heather Kovacs, University of Manitoba

‘Healthy Weight Loss’ (undergraduate)

Lisa Quinn, University of Manitoba

‘The Ultraviolet Protection Factor’ (undergraduate)

Anita Keeping, Mount Saint Vincent University

‘The Multilateral Agreement on Trade: A Titanic of a Treaty' (graduate)


Margaret C. Wright, University of Manitoba

‘Aboriginal Housing: A Female Perspective’ (graduate)


No awards given.


Theresa Wawrykow, University of Manitoba

‘Change in taste and smell perception in the elderly’ (undergraduate)

Bette Lemke, University of Saskatchewan

‘Trends in dietary measurements used in the study of health and disease’ (graduate)


No awards given.


Shawna Lemiski, University of Alberta

‘Ukrainian embroidery in the twentieth century: Expressing a national self-concept’ (undergraduate)

Sue L. T. McGregor, Mount Saint Vincent University

‘A primer on the micro-economic paradigm: The traditional approach to consumer policy’ (graduate)


No awards given (graduate prize initiated 1993).


Margaret King, University of Guelph

‘Brand name, store image, and country of origin: the effects on consumers’ perceptions of quality and price’ (undergraduate)


Lynne Zonneveld, University of Manitoba

‘The role of glutenin protein in pasta quality’ (undergraduate)


Maryse Therrien, Macdonald College, McGill University

‘Effects of Omega-3 fatty acids on total cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in humans’ (undergraduate)

Sarita Gupta, University of Western Ontario

‘The influence of early protein-energy malnutrition on subsequent behavior and intellectual performance’ (undergraduate)


Donna Colter, University of Alberta

‘The design and manufacture of clothing for the disabled.' (undergraduate)

Debralee Lloyd-Graham, University of Guelph

‘Pretreatments may reduce problematic neps on cotton fabric.’ (undergraduate)


Jean L. (Masson) Ashdown, University of Alberta

‘Residential rehabilitation: The homeowner’s decision’ (undergraduate)


Elizabeth Gordon, University of Saskatchewan

‘Stress in the farm family: Implications for the rural human service worker’ (undergraduate)

Hannah Whitney, Mount Saint Vincent University

‘The dietary methylxanthines: A review’ (undergraduate)

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