The Saskatchewan Home Economics Education Award was established to support/enhance family related food, nutrition and consumer education programs offered in Saskatchewan.


Up to $3,000 may be awarded annually.


In addition to the general terms of reference cited by the Canadian Home Economics Foundation (CHEF), consideration for the Saskatchewan Home Economics Education Award will include at least one of the following:

  1. Enhancement of the home economics teacher education program within the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan.
  2. Support for development/adaptation and delivery of programs that broaden the knowledge for daily living of Saskatchewan people.

Trustees of the Fund will be the Saskatchewan Trustee of CHEF plus two others nominated by the Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists (ASHE).


Deadline for applications is May 31.

Application Procedure

Submit the completed general application form electronically as an email attachment in Word, RTF or PDF to

In the event no money is awarded within 3 years, with the consultation and approval of the ASHE Board, the remaining funds will be invested in existing funds held by CHEF.

All donations to the Saskatchewan Home Economics Education Award will be administered by CHEF.


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