Home & Family provides current home economics information to consumers on the prairies. The site is maintained by the Manitoba Association of Home Economists (MAHE) – professional home economists committed to providing accurate and up-to-date information pertaining to the family.

The site was originally created by the Association of Saskatchewan Home Economists (ASHE) in recognition of the contributions of Emmie Oddie. Emmie Ducie Oddie, C.M., S.O.M is considered a prairie icon for her years of service to the rural community. For nearly five decades she used her home economics training to answer questions from readers of her column in The Western Producer. Emmie died July 6, 2013, in Saskatchewan at the age of 97. The Home & Family website was made possible by donations to the Emmie Oddie Recognition Fund of the Canadian Home Economics Foundation.

The Emmie Oddie Recognition Fund provides funds:

  • to hire a communications firm experienced in web development to create the format for the site in consultation with the Fund committee; register the web address; place the content developed by volunteers into the site; assist with promotion by registering the site with web search engines, related directories; develop reciprocal links with other sites, and other assistance which may be required
  • such as scanning graphics or inserting audio or video materials
  • to pay monthly server rental
  • to promote the site
  • to pay for ongoing updating of the site

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