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Grants and Awards

The Board of Trustees reviews applications and provides grants and awards to support work of Canadian home economists* in home economics research, education and public service projects, as well as post-secondary professional education and training.

*home economists: those who have graduated from a university program in home economics, human ecology, nutrition, family studies, consumer studies, and related areas.

Donations to this major fund support a variety of projects in home economics research, education and public service.
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Two specific projects are also supported from this Fund:

Excellence in Technical Writing - Dr. Elizabeth Feniak Award : offers prizes in an annual writing competition open to senior undergraduate students, and those in graduate studies, in home economics and related programs at Canadian universities, for the best original papers reviewing recent research or new developments in one of the areas within home economics.


Graduate Student Award : graduate students registered in a Master or Doctoral program in the field of Home Economics/Human Ecology may apply. This initiative for this award comes from the recognition of underfunding of graduate students in general, and Home Economics/Human Ecology fields, specifically. Preference will be given to students who have an undergraduate degree in a Home Economics/Human Ecology field.


Held separately from the General Fund, these funds were initiated by associations or individuals to pay tribute to a home economist, or to support a specific project area. Click on each award for more details.

Atlantic Canada Community Project : supports community-based projects in Atlantic Canada to improve the well-being and health of women, children or families in the region.

Communications and Information Dissemination - Gwenyth Bailey Simpson Award:

supports projects that disseminate information to the public in current developments on topics related to food, general nutrition or consumer information and that involve a home economist or professional in a related field.

Consumer Studies and Family Resource Management - Margaret Speechly Stansfield Memorial Award : an annual award to support research or innovative public service or education projects in consumer economics or family resource management.

Family Finance - Edith Rowles Simpson Award: an annual award for professional updating in family finance.

Health Protection Lecture - Gwen E. Leslie Memorial Award : an annual public lecture or lectures on food or health protection topics.

Healthy Eating and Resource Management - Regina HELP Award : to support locally identified community-based projects in Saskatchewan aimed at significantly improving the well-being and health of women, children or families

International Development Project - Engberg-Fewster Award: supports projects by Canadian home economists and their colleagues in the developing world.

Leadership Development - Doris Badir Award:  supports leadership development activities in Canada and internationally.

Resource for Youth - Patricia J. Hames Award: offers grants to Canadian primary, elementary or secondary home economics/human ecology/family studies educators to support projects directed to the development of life skills in Canadian youth.

Saskatchewan Home Economics Education Award : to support/enhance family related food, nutrition and consumer eduction programs offered in Saskatchewan. - Emmie Oddie Award : supports a consumer information

Establishment of Special Funds: information and guidelines for groups and/or individuals who may wish to establish a special fund.



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