General Criteria for Any and All Applications include:

1) All fund specific criteria must be met. That is, any specific criteria for a designated grant must be met as well as the following criteria.

2) A home economist/human ecology/family studies professional MUST be associated with the project. This can include but not be limited to a home economist, family studies teacher, dietician, nutritionist or other professional in a home economics related field.

3) Funds will not be made to school based activities that would normally be funded by a school.

4) Food: funds will be provided for food items if the food is used for educational, program or research purposes. Funds will not e provided for food related to hospitality (e.g. breaks, meals at conferences or seminars).

5) Capital Assets: funds will not be provided for capital asset items. This incudes but is not limited to items such as computers, recording devices, sewing machines. Certain software my be considered. The Board will retain discretion to review all capital asset item requests.

6) Travel: eligible travel expenses include mileage or air fare for a guest speaker. The request must be made by the group bringing in the speaker. Funding will not be provided for personal travel to conferences, workshops or other professional development.

7) Graduate student research will be funded under the Graduate Student Award. Student research will not be considered under any other award/fund.


NOTE: Designated funds may have additional criteria. For further information, see the specific application requirements for each fund.


The Board reserves the right not to award any funds on an annual basis dependent upon applications received.